During February, we honor the accomplishments and contributions of millions of Americans who suffered discrimination due to the color of their skin.  Last Saturday, KCAA produced a two-hour special program that looked back at this period of American history through the eyes of the surviving cast members of the first Afircan-American Television show.
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" A Remembrance of Scottish Roots"
In 1998 the US Senate designated 6 April each year as Tartan Day "in recognition of the monumental achievements and invaluable contributions made by Scottish Americans." Previously, in some parts of the US, and in other parts of the world (notably Canada where a Tartan Day was already in place) special events had been held to celebrate this day. But the Senate resolution has provided a further impetus and a growing number of organizations and individuals are having their own local festivities. So that these events gain further publicity within the world-wide Scottish community, and to allow as many people as possible to participate, the details of a number of these celebrations are listed below. So if there is a Tartan Day function in your area, come along and join the other folk who have a pride in Scotland who will be there!
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by Fred Lundgren

CEO of KCAA Radio

In my opinion, the President's new economic advisory committee needs a liaison to the working wounded like me instead of seeking advice from the financial "upper crust".

Most of Obama's advisors are financially successful.  They have gained enough success, power and position to weather the current recession. They don’t feel the pain of unemployment or under-employment.  Their lives are isolated from personal need. 

Some of his advisors were born into wealth, power and position.  This silver spoon group is totally clueless and their participation as economic advisors is a waste of committee resources. Too many times, the quality of financial advice offered by those at the top of the economy is diminished proportionately to their wealth, power and position.  It's human nature to ignore the pain associated with day-to-day survival if you lack the life experience to understand pain.

Don’t misunderstand me!  Success in a capitalist system should be admired, but wealth and power arrests the urgency to act. Advice from people who don’t feel urgency looses relevancy. It is therefore more logical for the president to reach out for advice from those of us who live and work on the lower shelves of the economy. 

Here is my advice to the President from my location on one of those lower shelves!

We must change US monetary policy by taking some of the control away from the central bank.  The United States can’t recover from a recession by borrowing our own money back from foreign governments or, by creating debt instruments for the Federal Reserve to digest and excrete as more interest bearing credit.  Instead, the Treasury Department should re-authorize a healthy printing of United States Notes. 

United States Notes are simply US dollars issued into circulation by the Treasury instead of being lent into circulation by the Federal Reserve. The United States Notes should be spent directly into circulation by state and local governments in every state suffering a budget deficit. Then, Congress must be ready to force the Federal Reserve to raise the cash reserves of local banks and raise the down-payment percentages on bank loans if the new debt free dollars start causing inflation.

Giving hundreds of billions more to failed banks that horde the credit during a recession is ridiculous because banks make credit available inversely proportionate to need. 

The answer is to add debt free currency into the economy outside the control of the gatekeepers at the Fed and their failing banks who have been too long enriched by controlling and cannibalizing our nations means of production from behind closed doors.

Thats my opinion and I welcome yours. See www.economy101.net

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