Get Balanced
Every week there is a Full-life threatening or Life inspiring question…
Why am I not happy?
Why do bad things keep happening to me?
Will I ever stop hating my mother?
He broke my heart. Will I ever love again?
Will I ever not be lonely?
Will I ever stop hating myself?
What is wrong/right with people?
Will I survive my teenager?
Will I ever stop hating my body?
What is the purpose of my life?
Why am I so depressed?
Why am I always poor?
When am I going to fall in love?
Topics: Romance, Loneliness, Insecurity, Pain, Fear, Ego, God, Anger, Bitterness, Forgiveness, Fear, Worry, Meditation, Grief, Codependency, Relationships, Weight and Body Image AND BALANCE
Target Listening Audience: Individuals who want more from their lives, who are tired of being tired, who want to live a more balanced life, who are tired of listening to political rhetoric, who are tired of listening to CNN (Constantly Negative News), or the drama in “celeb” lives, who want to get unstuck, who are tired of being angry, afraid, worried, irritated or frustrated with others and themselves. If you like listening to gossip scandal or the “K” word (Kardashians ;p) then this show is not for you!
Call in’s are people who want to answer the question of the week and open themselves up to applying Balanced Living tools
Where do I feel out of whack, out of balance?
Who am I anyways?
What hurts?
What next?
What have you tried that doesn’t work?
What does work?
Dr. Marissa and her popular show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa (aka “the kinder gentler Dr. Laura” and “the Asian Oprah”) every Tuesday ‘naturally high” noon PST on Universal Broadcasting UBN Radio out of the Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood, AND DRUM ROLL…

Just invited to join the NBC News Radio Family so will celebrate my 3rd year On the Air syndicated on KCAA AM 1050 every Thursday at 7pm starting June 5th.

Past guests include Fran Drescher talking about how to decrease your risk of cancer, mega bestselling authors like Dr. John Gray, Dr. Pat Allen, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Michael Bernard Beck with Melodie Beattie and Geneen Roth, Leave it to Beaver Jerry Mathers, super lawyer Gloria Allred, Bruno Serato (CNN Hero of the Year), Christine Devine (16-time Emmy Award winner Fox TV Anchor) and The Cove Dolphin Activist, Ric O’Barry. Every week I answer a “Life Affirming” Question of the Week, like “Why worry?” “Why am I not Happy?”; “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Do I look fat in this? or “Do I Really Want to be Single?” so that my listeners can find more Balance and Happiness in their lives, 88 percent of the time.
On the air I am also known as Dr. Marissa, the ‘kinder gentler Dr. Laura’ and recently, because many of my guests are past Oprah guests and just received the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award, am honored to be introduced with the honorable moniker, the “Asian Oprah’.

Here is a link to my first Radio for Our Deaf Community Series when we were blessed to have The Cove Dolphin Activist Ric O’Barry call in from Taiji Japan where he continues to stop the slaughter of dolphins that ironically was the collateral damage from the love for dolphins he helped inspire, as the first trainer from the beloved movie ‘Flipper’.
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